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Dirty Jobs Smash Or Pass

This video wasn't a good idea.

Mike Rowe has long been on my list of top 5 humans, and I love Dirty Jobs. But I still should have recognized that this wasn't a great idea for a video.

Why wasn't it a good idea? Two reasons:

1) It took 86 hours to complete this one video. That hurts me just to type out. (And I was expecting it to take less than half as long)

2) None of the other content I plan to make has anything to do with Mike Rowe or Dirty Jobs.

Regardless, once I had started the project, I decided to finish it. That seemed like a better idea than quitting.

Here are other thumbnail options I sent to some friends for feedback:

I received wildly negative reviews on all of these except the fish condom.

Dirty Jobs Is Not Easily Binge-able

On the website "Discovery Plus" where it lists episodes in season 3, within some of those episodes Mike says ‘now that we’re in season 4’ – so there’s no way to know what’s what… So I trusted Wikipedia

And without Wikipedia this would have been much more difficult. Every platform that hosts the show has it's own list of what episodes go in what season. And NO PLATFORM, not even Discovery Plus (where the show originates) has all the seasons together.

How I Made This Video

First I went through the show in the 4 places I could find it (Apple, Discovery, Amazon, YouTube) and used my Atomos Ninja V to capture all the shows clips I needed. Then I edited those clips into a single movie. Then I set up a camera and watched that movie while filming myself. Then I made a final edit.

I don't know why I thought that sounded simple OR easy, but at the time I expected the project to take less than 40 hours.

Hopefully I've learned my lesson.



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