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I Built A Room For Me To Sleep In (AND Work From)


This probably took 9 weeks in total.. needless to say I'm excited to write this post saying it's finally finished.

Just a short while ago I was living in Austin, TX. This was nice because I'd long dreamt of living in or near a city, but THIS city is stupid expensive. I only moved to Austin because I found a rare bargain, and that's for two key reasons: It was old (so it was dusty), and it had a leaky roof. hen I found out that it also had serious mold problems I had to leave Austin and move back in with my parents. :(

I put a sad face but in reality I have a great relationship with my folks and I'm really grateful for that.

Point is, I needed to move out, and I couldn't stay in Austin (I knew I wouldn't find a place as cheap as I had.. I was paying $600/mo. for the large dust-bag I called home).

Here's a clip of the dust in my old place:

Ahh, I love it. I already miss the days I spent there.

Regarding the leaky roof, I'm an optimist and I was happy to cover all my electronics in tarp when it rained.

No joke here's a clip of how bad the leaky roof was:

So now I'm at my parents place, but I own a lot of music and video gear! I need to set it all up someplace, and my ma and pops draw the line at having a studio in the living room.

I told them that if they'd allow me to transform the attic space over the garage, I'd pay for it. They agreed and I (almost) immediately got to work.

Now here's the real stuff I wanted to write about! During this big project...

I learned about the 3 types of insulation!

1) Blown-in Insulation (cellulose)

2) Spray Foam Insulation

3) Fiberglass (the pink itchy stuff)

I used #1, cellulose. It's cheap, it didn't itch, but it was DUSTY. Here's a clip of that process.

I was happy when that was over. In fact, this was the one thing that made me hate being in the attic. It was hot, I was sweating beads, and everything was sticking to me even more because of that. Here's a clip of myself the moment I had finished:

After the insulation was in, I put in wood boards as flooring. But it was still way too hot. Temperatures this time of year in Texas are routinely over 95 degrees, but sometimes spike to 105 or so. So working in the attic only made sense to do at night.

Once the floor was in I put in A/C, electrical outlets (thanks dad), and carpet.

Then began lugging all my stuff up there. Finally, I spruced up the space by attaching white 24"x 36" foam boards to the walls, adding lighting and other various things to the scene, and everything else you can see in the YouTube video. I borrowed the desk from a friend (Tanner, who I make music with as spondifferous).

Couldn't have done it without the help of a lot of people.

Couldn't have done it without Home Depot.

Oddly couldn't have done it without the mold.

Thanks mold.



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