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I Learn Sax In 7 Days

And it was semi-broken the whole time😅

This. Was. The. Hardest. Instrument. I've. Ever. Learned.

One week after filming this video, I took my sax in to a tech and asked if he would rate it from 1-10 in terms of its condition.

He gave it a 5🖐.

In his opinion, the metal looks really good considering the instrument is from the 80s. But the pads (circular leather pads are used to cover the tone holes) were in horrible condition.

Apparently a handful of my saxophone's pads wouldn't make a seal when they'd close on their tone hole. This changes the sound of the sax and can even make it harder to play. The technician recommended a full pad replacement and cleanup as there were a few rusted spots around specific tone holes as well.

This was $450.


I'll be interested to see how well it plays when I get it back in from the tech. With all new pads on this 30-35 year old instrument I hope that this sax will be easier to play!

On another note, I'm always surprised to find that people walking around shopping areas where I make my videos never have a sour attitude about what I'm doing. And a handful of people are always really supportive. Even with all the squeaks during the two songs I played, I watched people smile genuinely the whole time.

Thank you to everyone. 😀



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