My friend Tanner and I host a podcast where we talk about becoming better artists. 'Spondifferous' is the name we release music under on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Here's a link to the podcast on Spotify:

Both hosts of the spondifferous podcast striking a pose and looking at the camera.
The spondifferous podcast artwork.

I'm the one showing off my big head. Tanner's the one showing off his junk.

We also release these episodes every week (for the most part) on YouTube. Here's a link to our channel:

Right now each episode runs around 15-20 minutes. We try to fill that time with anything that'll help us on our journey to becoming better artists, and hopefully our conversations can help you too! There are loads of strategic ideas we're trying to implement, or valuable thoughts we find from other sources and share with each other. So, click the link above to listen to our most recent episode - or search 'spondifferous podcast' wherever you most enjoy listening to your favorite podcasts.