Do you like starting new things? That's almost all I ever want to do. It's like an addiction, and I'm getting lost in it. Here I go again in fact, starting up a blog. "Here we go." - Famous last words.

I've heard wisdom from the mouths of sages: "focus or fail."

Well that sucks, I don't focus very well. At least not on one single thing. I always like to have 5 things floating around in my head per day. I never go an entire day leaning on only one core thought. That seems to be like a superpower. And I'm envious of it at times.

But this new pursuit is different! It's all about exercising my ability to be consistent with one thing. And I know that I can't give myself too big of a challenge or else I'll let the weight of this drop to the floor. I'm no superhuman, but I'm dreaming to become the best normal-human I can be. So I've made a bit of a daily discipline for myself to follow.

My Schedule

Every morning I make my bed, first thing. Then I write stories for 30 minutes to an hour to wake up my mind and organize ideas that may have popped into my head the day before. I've actually been doing that for a month now, it's great.

I follow my teeth-care routine. I had far too many cavities as a kid, I'd slap my younger self if I could for that. I use to clock in at least 4-6 hours of work. All of that time is spent working on my main dream: spondifferous, which is basically my band. I say basically because it's also a YouTube channel and podcast, not just music. (A quick note that if I have other work on any given day, it's on top of/in addition to those hours.)

So 4-6 hours goes to Spondifferous. And 0-4 hours goes to anything else.

You get the point, I have a daily schedule. I plan to add this blog to the last thing I do every day. It'll be just before reading a book, laying out my clothes for the next day, and going to bed.

365 Days Of A Schedule

I'm in a developmental stage that I'm tired of, and I don't want that to last 10 more years. I desire to get on my feet sooner than later. My best idea to pull this off is through my schedule.

I've been inspired by Austin Kleon, he's written books like "steal like an artist" and "show your work". I love those books. Here's a quote from him in an interview with Ali Abdaal:

"...writing every day, some people say 'oh you must have so much to say because you write every day.' I'm like, 'actually it's the opposite.' I have more to say because I sit down and write every day, and I figure out what I'm thinking and what it actually is that I have to say. So writing is actually not just a way of communicating with the world. It's actually a way of communicating with yourself. Because the simple act of sitting down in front of a keyboard for 45 minutes or pulling out your notebook for a half-hour, or whatever it is. You're creating space in the day for you to kinda connect with what's here (points to his head) and to figure out what's going on and what is it that I really feel and what is it that I really think?"

I have much to learn and I plan to do that learning through action. Actions like starting this blog. But more importantly, sticking through with these actions for longer than a week or a month. I know how I want to be developing. I need to not sit around and allow that awareness to go to waste.

At the end of each day for the next year, I will collect my thoughts and post them. Some longer, some short. A whole year of this daily blog, for my own sake. I will learn how to become a better writer (slowly) in the process.

Some thoughts from today:

What I find is that every day I desire less to be rich or famous, and more to become an artist. This feels like I'm maturing. My thinking, my work, my desires, my hopes, my dreams, my life is maturing. And that is fine and good, but I want to start doing and creating things as an artist to sort of show my steps forward that I'm actually taking. My personal Instagram doesn't have much of a purpose. (@cameronbrig) I haven't known what to post on there because I've felt some dumb pressure to only ever create anything on spondifferous's platforms. Truth be told, spondifferous is my favorite thing to be a part of. But there is me within that brand, and there is also a version of me outside of that brand. A kid just trying to develop my vision and talents in the world. No need to grow a brand, just a need to create and improve the self. So I desire to be a little more of myself online. And to share the areas that I'm developing as it all happens. And I can push people to the other places that I am passionate about, like spondifferous.