I have no full-time job to tell me how to spend my hours, so I have to rely on myself to get anything done. Here are three simple ways I've been doing that:

1) Goals On My Wardrobe

The home I'm currently renting out came furnished with an old wardrobe in the living room. There's no telling how old it is, there isn't much inside, and it has quite a lot of dust on top. I went down to Office Max and bought five stacks of classic yellow sticky notes and a pack of permanent markers in various colors. I write each of my goals down on individual sticky notes with a completion date written at the bottom. I then separate the category of my goals by color. For example, music-related goals are in red, while film-related goals are in green, and so on.

I currently have 21 of these goals on the wardrobe.

I also have a goal to do a certain set of things every single day, ideally, without fail. I write these in black ink and put them all on the left side of the wardrobe. These are things like, "First thing to do in morning: make bed" Or "Lay out clothes for next morning" or "Drink the right amount of water" (I actually bought a water jug with measurements on the side to ensure I'm consistent with this one.) Or "Make sure to take 10 minutes between tasks!"

I currently have 10 of these "dailies" which I try to uphold.

2)Tasks In My Google Calendar

I use Google Calendar and I love it. One day while I was at google.calendar.com I noticed a little icon to the right on my computer screen which reads: "Tasks" when you hover your mouse over it. It's a simple tool for creating tasks and checking a box by them once they're completed. This has an app for my phone and iPad as well, so I keep my tasks with me at all times. These are different than my goals, they're more specific work. I could have a goal that says "learn the saxophone" with a goal completion date that is 3 months out. It's very vague. A task is more like, "edit the video I shot yesterday for so and so..." It's something that takes priority whenever I sit down to do work, I look over my tasks first.

I used to have a problem, I'd sit around and wonder what I should work on. My tasks have solved that problem. I currently have 27 of these listed out, I try to knock them out as often as possible. Inevitably, I keep adding more all the time. So I don't think I'll ever get this list down to zero.

3) Eat Right, Prioritize Sleep, And Exercise

I waste most of my time because I simply don't feel in the mood to work. I usually don't feel in the mood because I'm tired, or I don't have a lot of energy (probably from not exercising enough), or I just don't feel good (probably from how I eat or by not taking in enough water). So I try to work these three things into my daily diligence, though they are the hardest to do. Especially exercising. But when I do all of these things, I feel unstoppable.


1) I've given my old unused wardrobe a new sense of purpose. Go stick a bunch of your goals on an unused piece of furniture in your house and see how you feel.

2) Try out Google Calendar! If you've never regularly used a calendar to set up your schedule, I highly recommend it. But if you have a different calendar you like to use, remember Google Tasks is still there for you!

3) Don't live on ramen noodles as I have for the last couple of years. That, PB&J's, and Ham & Cheese sandwiches have been my diet for far longer than they should have. They all bogg me down and overall bring my time-management to a halt. And I don't like that.

See you tomorrow:)